Four New DES for 2013/14


Target - Identify patients at risk of dementia, offer cognitive checks, refer to memory services, offer health checks for carers.

Payment - 37p per patient as upfront payment (£2,587 for average practice), then a share of £21m national pot, averaging £3,367 dependent on number of checks carried out.

Risk profiling and care management

Target - Scan lists each quarter for patients at risk of emergency admissions, develop case management plans to reduce risk.

Payment - 74p per registered patient (£5,175 for average practice).

Remote care monitoring

Target - Select a long-term condition and plan to introduce a remote monitoring service in April 2014.

Payment - 21p per patient (£1,478 for average practice).

Improve patient online access

Target - Introduce electronic booking of appointments and repeat ordering.

Payment - 28p per patient (£1,970 for average practice), plus flat rate of £985.

Total earnings     £15,562