Publication of GP Earnings

The GPC have now issued initial guidance as to how this will work.

For 2013/14, HSCIC will publish details of the gross payments to practices in respect of Global Sums, MPIG, QOF, Enhanced Services etc. These figures may well be misinterpreted by the media and the GPC have advised practices to contact their LMC’s if they need help in this regard.

From 2014/15, Practices will be required to publish on their websites, within one year of the financial year, the number of GPs who have worked at the practice in the year and the mean net earnings of those GPs. This will mean aggregating the figures for partners, salaried GP’s and long-term locums. ‘Net earnings’ means net of partnership expenses but before deducting tax, National Insurance or employee’s superannuation.

One welcome piece of news is that income and costs relating to premises will not be included in the published figure, although the definition of these costs is still unclear.

NHS England are expected to publish guidance on how mean net earnings are to be calculated. It is to be hoped that these guidelines will be published in time for any additional data gathering that may be needed to be done at the same time as the preparation of the 2014/15 accounts.

If you have any queries, please give us a ring on 01704 215450.