Working together for over twenty five years, our Specialist Medical Team are highly efficient in the annual compliance work: preparing accounts, personal expense claims, partnership and individual tax returns and tax liability calculations.  We are also proactive and pragmatic in offering clients problem-solving services including practice management, strategic planning, tax planning, computerisation of practice accounts, pension planning and payroll processing.

Our extensive experience in General Practice, advising clients of various sizes across a wide spectrum of industries, gives us a wealth of commercial knowledge which we apply when advising our doctors on income maximisation strategies. 

And we also help clients with personal financial matters too - mortgages, school fees, valuations, divorce settlements, personal finance - we cover them all.

Annual Services


Annual Accounts
Specialist GP format that is easy to understand forming key management tool for financial control of the practice

Statistical Report
Interpractice benchmark comparison, allowing all clients to benefit from our extensive network of practices

Private Accounts
Personal expense claims and fee statements for non-practice income

Tax Returns
Partnership and individual tax returns calculating income tax liabilities with advance notification of payments due

Regular Newsletters & Free Seminars
Information and advice on latest changes in general medical practice finance and taxation legislation likely to affect your practice

Regular Meetings
Presentation of accounts and advice on financial matters

Value Added Services


Practice Management 
including review of internal financial controls, book-keeping advice and assisting in budgeting and cash-flow forecasting

Strategic Planning 
including planning for partnership changes (such as retirement or new partners), advising on the financial implications of partnership agreements, providing guidance on surgery premises including cost and notional rent, as well as financing and re-financing

Tax Planning 
including advising on minimising income tax, the implications of changing accounting year end and inheritance tax planning

Pension Planning
quantifying figures and certifying net profit to calculate pension contribution level, plus advising on the financial impact of retirement

advice and support on computerising practice accounting records, facilitating better forecasting and control through data management and maximising income through computerised management of patient data

Payroll Processing
including all PAYE and returns and payment of employees if required

Specialist Services


Our specialist services extend beyond traditional accountancy.

As experts on the GMS contract, we can advise you on increasing profits by maximising income and minimising expenditure within its rules. We can also propose proven options for leveraging sources of income outside the National Health Service.

Controlling Cash Flow
Equity between Partners is vital to the health of your practice.  Cash Flow controls are key to achieving this. For many clients, we prepare detailed year-to-view statements of projected receipts and drawings in order to enable accurate monthly drawings and supplementary distributions to ensure that positive Cash Flow is maintained.

Property Without Tears
We can advise on ways to raise capital for a purpose built surgery or a surgery extension. We can also provide surgery sale and leaseback strategies that release capital.

Change Management
We regularly support our clients with change management strategies around senior partners leaving, junior partners joining, practice managers retiring and practices merging. We also have extensive experience in mediating to harmonise partnership difficulties.

Continuing Education
We offer regular seminars, articles and newsletters on the hottest topics for medical professionals as well as lecturing regularly and offering Annual Tutorials for registrars.